Deer Hunter Thinks He Dropped A Beauty Buck In Hilarious Decoy Prank

Hunting prank
S. Sav

This one hurts…

But it is just so funny at the same time.

Hunting brings out some pretty wild emotions. From excitement, anticipation, to disappointment or loss. It’s a wild ride that takes a lot of time, energy, discipline and emotions to get through.

But when you get the big one, or any good harvest for that matter, it makes it all worth it.

Deer hunting takes countless hours of time in preparation and hunting. You have to find where the deer are and then figure out how you can get within range. On top of that, you need spend a ton of time perfecting your shot so you can make a clean and ethical kill on your target.

It’s a great way to make memories with friends and family, and fill your freezer with tasty and nutritious meat, a much better alternative to factory farmed beef.

Nothing beats deer camp with the fellas. A group of your best friends headed out chasing the best animals with a truck full of guns, food and beer…. sounds like a good time to anybody.

Hunting pranks are a sensitive thing, though. You don’t want to mess with the wrong persons hunt, that may send them over the edge. To some, it is more than just hunting.

These guys clearly didn’t care about crossing any lines when messing with their buddies hunt though.

He is seen set up in a prime location for deer, overlooking a massive field.

In the distance there is a massive buck on the field’s edge.

The hunter sets up and starts firing at the deer. He fires, it doesn’t even move. His buddy encourages getting the big one down…

 “He’s looking around trying to figure out where it’s coming from.

Pop him.”

Bang. He lets him have it again.

The deer falls down, in very weird fashion…

The hunter is pumped knowing that he dropped this beauty buck.

“The buck I just shot, came in right along the tree line he was chasing that doe. We saw that doe cut back in, next thing you know we saw this big rack looking at us.”

He has no clue they are messing with him…

He walks up and the disappointment is almost sad. You can see the range of emotions across his face… everything from mad, to sad, to laughing all in a matter of seconds.

With a grin on his face, he walks back to the group ready to give someone a whoopin.’



A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock