Matthew Stafford To Be Featured On Season 2 Of Netflix’s ‘Quarterback’

Matt Stafford Rams
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I’ll admit, when I was going through my football withdrawals a month before the season started, there was one Netflix show that kept me sane…

And it was Quarterback.

The popular Netflix show that follows the lives of NFL quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins, and Marcus Mariota. It was real intriguing to me because we got a glimpse at what their lives are like outside of football while they’re in season.

Needless to say, I’ll definitely be tuning in for the next season, when I’m sure I’ll be going through my withdrawals again.

Only problem… nobody wants to do it.

Justin Fields, Daniel Jones, Jalen Hurts, Tua Tagovailoa and Sam Howell all reportedly passed when asked initially.

Hurts even said he turned down last year’s offer:

“I actually turned it down last year. I didn’t feel it was appropriate for the year, so I turned down the opportunity to be on it.

There’s a lot of the journey to be told and there’s a lot to unfold that will be told one day. That time will come.”

However, it seems like after initially saying no as well, Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford is in.

If you know anything about Matthew Stafford, then you know he’s been one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the NFL, ever since he was drafted out of Georgia back in 2009. Of course, he was held back by some horrible Detroit Lions teams over those years, so he wasn’t talked about nearly as much as the other star QBs in the league.

However, now that he’s on the Rams, he’s been able to unlock his full potential, and even won a Super Bowl in his first year in LA back in 2021.

You better believe I’ll be tuning in for Season 2.

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