Pitbull Crashes Through Front Door & Chases Off DoorDash Delivery Driver

dog attacks delivery man

Dogs always strive to be called a “good boy,” and though this pet had good intentions (I hope), I’d say this will land it in the “bad dog” category.

Anytime your dog chases a human being, that’s not a good thing, and if they jump through a pane of glass to do so, that’s even worse. I don’t check the “Responsible Dog Ownership Handbook” often, but I can confidently say that your dog jumping through glass is on the “do not allow” list.

But it doesn’t look like anyone was going to stop this pitbull from launching itself through the front door, and I know I certainly wouldn’t have tried to get between the dog and the delivery man. In fact, there’s a great chance that I would have been running alongside the DoorDash guy and fleeing the dog.

Any dog that jumps through glass and is un-phased should not be trusted in any capacity. The guy is lucky that the dog stood on the front porch for a second afterwards and gave him a head start.

I also love that the owner is just yelling from inside the house like the dog was playfully jumping on the delivery person. She’s shocked as ever when she gets to her front door and sees the aftermath of the dog’s glass-breaking jump.

Take a look:

If I were that DoorDash delivery person, I would be rethinking if the trouble was all worth it. That one single event might end my delivery career if I were them.

Everyone on X agreed with me, sending out replies and jokes about how wild the door-busting dog was:

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