Iowa QB Cade McNamara Cracks Himself Up Talking About Protection: “These Guys Are Gonna Come… A LOT”

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Iowa Football

Iowa football is usually only known for low scoring games, but quarterback Cade McNamara is making sure they make headlines in other ways.

While talking to the media after beating rival Iowa State last weekend 20 to 13 (former president Donald Trump was actually there), the senior quarterback was looking ahead to the Hawkeye’s next matchup.

Iowa is set to matchup against the Western Michigan Broncos this Saturday, and Cade will be trying to lead his Top 25 team to a perfect 3 and 0 start.

McNamara was speaking about the team they would be facing, what they are expecting from them, and what the Iowa team is currently working when he accidentally worked himself into a rather awkward situation.

While speaking on the team’s level of togetherness, Cade was touching on how there was room for improvement moving forward, and mistakenly and unintentionally said something inappropriate that cracked himself up:

“I think, you know, our level of communication up front and me, with me and the backs and really everyone, just being on the same page…

Because we know these guys are going to come, uhh… A LOT. I mean there’s…”

A smile all of the sudden rushes over Cade’s face as he realizes what he just said, or what it sounded like he just said, and he steps away from the microphone for a second and starts laughing.

He’s tries to get himself back together by saying “that was…” but loses it again and the laughter continues.

He finally gets back on track and continues:

“We have to be on cue with our hots, we have to be on cue with our protections. So, umm…”

Protection? Coming? Are we sure this isn’t intentional?

The 23-year-old quarterback then breaks again, smiling and laughing and then clapping his hands before saying:

“Damn it, that was unexpected, yeah we’ll be…”

Giggles continue as he looks down, knowing that his teammates are going to give him a tough time about the whole thing.

We actually hear slip ups like that in sports announcing and commentary all the time, though the broadcasters usually just brush over it.

Props to Cade for facing the music only seconds after he said something that could be considered NSFW. He knew what he said, he owned it, and he laughed his ass off about it.

Take a look:

Of course, Pat McAfee’s National Championship commentary was loaded with these kind of “slip ups.”

And one more for the road:

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