Skunk Sends Hungry Mountain Lion Running For The Hills

Skunk fights off cougar
Greg Shyba

Not today, Mr. Cougar.

Skunks really ain’t nothing to mess with. There ain’t anything that wants to catch their spray anywhere near them, not even a cougar.

Cougars, also known as mountain lions, pumas (South and Central America) and Florida panthers in the Sunshine State, are notorious for taking what they want when they want it out there. They are relentless and silent killers, often not seen by their prey until it is too late.

They are 175-pound killing machines. They have razor sharp claws for climbing and grabbing. Their bite is deadly and accurate as they hit kill zones. To top it off they have powerful legs that help with speed bursts to catch prey along with massive jumps that help them close the distance.

These wild cats can take out nearly anything they want to.

But there are still some animals they should be careful around and a skunk is up on the list.

Skunks are small and slow, weighing up to 18 pounds and a max. They would be food for nearly everything if they didn’t have the best defense in the wild; an awful, pungent spray that pretty much functions like tear gas, except it smells worse.

These little guys can spray their stench up to 10 feet away, acting as the perfect shield, preventing predators from getting to close.

This cougar just had to check it out though.

A curious cougar is seen coming out of the ditch on Canadian back road.

With a skunk walking down the road, the cat doesn’t hesitate and walks straight up to it. But once it gets a good look at the skunk, who is not worried at all, he decides that he should find another meal.

The skunk goes full offense and puts the run right to the much larger and more dangerous cougar. Perhaps the cougar wasn’t very hungry because he didn’t come charging in like they usually do, or perhaps he’s tangled with a skunk before and didn’t want any of that smoke… or stink, rather.

Either way, he wasn’t about to get skunked for a few pounds of meat.

It’s not always about size and strength in the wild… just most of the time.

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