Palmer Anthony “Ain’t Looking For Love” In New Single

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Claiborne Myers

Palmer Anthony has been on a tear releasing new singles over the past year, and his latest song “Ain’t Looking for Love” is one of his best.

Anthony, who now calls Fort Worth, TX home after spending time in California, came onto the scene in 2022 with the release of his impressive debut record Western & Roll. With music that flows seamlessly between good time drinking songs, relatably nostalgic ballads of days gone by, and of course the classic tear-in-my-beer done me wrong breakup songs, Anthony is an up and comer that has something for everyone.

His sound has both mainstream appeal, yet is heavily influenced by and strongly tied to the Texas music scene, and he needs to be on everyone’s radar as his growing catalog seems to get better with each release.

His latest track, “Ain’t Looking for Love,” is a cleverly written and relatable track that follows a narrator struggling to get over a breakup, providing a fresh take on a perspective often found in country songs.

Go ahead and give it a listen below:

“Honey can’t you tell I’m going through it
And to be honest I don’t know what I’m doing
Ain’t a single doubt in my mind I could get lost in your eyes
But this barstool’s where I’ll stay ’til she comes back my way

Cause I Ain’t looking for love tonight
I’m still hungover from her last goodbye
Ain’t asking where to find it
Someone new to hell can try it
Cause I aint’ looking for love tonight…”

With so many singles coming from Anthony within the past year, I’d have to imagine there’s a larger project on the horizon here, and I’m excited to see what he can do to follow up his debut Western & Roll.

If the singles released thus far are any indication, then we are in for something good from Palmer Anthony. Check those out below:

“West Texas Cloud Appreciation Society”

“Nobody’s Got It Better”

“Ain’t You Sweet”

“Sleep, My Mind & You”


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A beer bottle on a dock