Wheeler Walker Jr. Drops Music Video Your New Friday Anthem, “F*ck This Job”

Wheeler Walker Jr country music
Wheeler Walker Jr

Wheeler Walker Jr. is BACK.

There may not be a country artist in Nashville who gives two less craps than ol’ Wheeler.

The man is known for his hilarious, raunchy, and it times offensively pure honest lyrics, and that’s why we love the guy. I mean c’mon, we’ve all sang “F*ck You Bitch” at least once in our lives, even if it was behind closed doors.

Back in August, Ol’ Wheeler dropped yet another “No f*cks given” EP, titled Born to F*ck/F*ck This Job.

Needless to say, the EP is right up Wheeler’s usual alley, and the project is about as hilariously honest as it gets.

One song on the EP is titled “F*ck This Job,” and it’s a good ol’ southern rock song about sticking it to the man, and working up the nerve to quit the job he hates.

The chorus speaks for itself:

“F*ck this job
F*ck you boss
F*ck your profit
And f*ck your loss
F*ck you Linda at the front desk too
Guy in the mailroom: F*ck you
This whole company can slob my knob
F*ck all y’all
F*ck this job”

And today, Wheeler dropped a brand new music video to go along with it.

The video itself is simple and sweet. It’s ol’ Wheeler in front of a microphone, wearing the iconic black cowboy hat and shades while ripping some riffs off his guitar.

Check it out:

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