Wild Fight Breaks Out Between Mom & Students At Indiana University Tailgate

Indiana University tailgate college football

Man, it feels amazing knowing that for the next several weekends, I’ll be able to roll out of bed, flip on the TV at noon, and have college football to watch for the next nine straight hours.

There’s so much to love about college football. I’m talking about going to games, the upsets, close calls, and even tailgating your a** off. The whole experience is electric from top to bottom.

But speaking of tailgating, it’s a whole different atmosphere in itself.

From the barbecues, to the drinking games, and the constant trying to outdo the tailgate of the person parked right next to you, it’s a rowdy time.

Not to mention, it’s a perfect excuse for parents to feel like they’re 20-years-old again, and back in college for a day.

If you’ve ever been downtown or at the best tailgating spots on your favorite college campus on a gameday, then you know it’s flooded with parents who have the full intention of getting rip sh*t drunk with their kids.

However, this can ultimately lead to things going too far at times…

And here’s the perfect example.

This one went down at Indiana University this past Saturday.

Now it’s uncertain what went down, but you can see a mom (who is quite attractive I must add) start throwing windmill punches a group of college-aged guys and girls.

Finally, a man steps in and breaks up the fight, but the mom walks over to another girl and delivers a right cross to the side of her face, and the girl has to be restrained from fighting back.

Wild times, man. Wild times. I’m just glad Indiana has some action at the tailgates, because Lord knows there isn’t any on the football field there.

Check it out:

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A beer bottle on a dock