NY Jets QB Aaron Rodgers Says He Encountered A UFO In 2005: “It Was Like A Scene Out Of Independence Day”

Aaron Rodgers

Without the Dos Equis spokesperson being around much anymore, I’d venture to say that NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers is the most interesting man in the world.

When he’s not giving speeches at Psychedelic conferences, or being one of the best quarterbacks in football, he’s apparently spending some of his free time researching and encountering UFOs and aliens.

Rodgers sat down to talk to HBO’s Hard Knocks about the sighting that apparently happened shortly before the NFL Draft that he was in town for. The 4-time NFL MVP began the story by saying:

“We had this great dinner at his house in Jersey. I was making my way to bed and I had like a 5 a.m. wake up (call). And as I was getting down to bed, I heard this alarm in the distance going off.

It just didn’t seem like normal, and I heard some rustling downstairs. So I got up, walk downstairs, it’s a beautiful night, and (we) walked outside, and up in the clouds, we heard this sound, and we saw this tremendously large object moving through the sky.”

His UFO sighting starts out just as any classic alien story would, with a “bump in the night” causing concern and needing to be investigated. The sound was apparently enough to warrant he and those he was staying with to walk outside, where they saw something truly shocking:

“And it was like a scene out of ‘Independence Day’ when the ships are coming into the atmosphere, and they’re creating this, like, kind of explosion-type fire in the sky.

We saw this incredibly large object and froze, as anybody would, because, you know, what the hell is going on? Eventually, it went out of sight, and nobody said a word.”

Rodgers and his friends were apparently mesmerized by the entire thing, and it probably felt like they had accidentally found themselves as main characters in a Sci-fi movie (like he suggested). He finishes off his anecdote by saying:

“We just stood frozen on the front stoop of Steve’s (Levy) house, and about 30 seconds later we heard the real recognizable sound of fighter jets that seemed to be chasing this object.

And again, we just stood there in disbelief for another few minutes and nobody said a word. Then we all kind of looked at each other like ‘did we just see what we think we just saw?'”

Aaron goes on to say that he and his friends tried to wind down and go to bed, but they couldn’t get over the fact that they might have just experienced such a bizarre event. Rodgers says he looked at the papers and the news the next couple of days and never saw anything about it, which interested him in looking more into UFOs.

He says that he found out that the siren, or alarm that they heard had been from a nuclear power plant that was about 10 miles away from where he was staying that night. From Rodgers’ research, UFOs apparently are commonly sighted around nuclear energy, volcanoes, and power plants.

Rodgers finishes by saying that he wasn’t sure what they saw that night, but it was definitely unidentified, it was certainly flying, and it was undoubtedly a large object.

Take a listen to him tell the story, set to ominous, spooky music and cutaways (great work HBO) below:

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