Brian Kelly Gets Torched For Promising To “Beat The Heck Out Of Florida State”

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There were a number of highly anticipated college football games this past weekend to kick off the season, and needless to say, most of them lived up to the hype.

However, perhaps the most anticipated game of the weekend was last night, when the LSU Tigers squared off against the Florida State Seminoles in Orlando, Florida.

LSU came into the game ranked number five in the country, with FSU ranked eighth, and it was destined to be a great one, as both teams return a ton of talent from successful seasons last year, and are expected to be two of the top teams in the nation.

It was a tight one in the first half, as LSU led 17-14 at halftime. But, FSU broke away and dismantled the Tigers in the second half, winning 45-24.

It was a total shock, as most expected LSU to be the better team and win the game.

Not to mention, LSU head coach Brian Kelly made some wild statements before the game, that have ultimately come back to bite him.

Before the game, Kelly said on the Brian Kelly Show:

“There are still areas that are going to need to be improved. We’re going to take 15 freshmen on this trip and 14 transfers so nearly 40% of this travel roster are going to go overnight for the first time with LSU.

And that’s not a disclaimer of any kind, we’re going to beat the heck out of Florida State.”

I mean SHEESH. Saying you’re going to “beat the heck” out of a team before a game at any point of the season is bold in itself, especially before the first game of the year with a team that hasn’t played an official opponent yet.

And after the game, Kelly appeared to try and walk back the statement, saying:

“For some reason, we thought we were something else. We thought we were the 2-time defending national champion Georgia Bulldogs. We were mistaken.”

As you can imagine, the Twitter world had a field day with this one:

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