Gender Reveal Party Goes Horribly Wrong As Plane Revealing “It’s A Girl” Tragically Crashes

Gender reveal party

This might be the sign that we all needed to finally end the horrible trend of “over-the-top” gender reveals.

We should’ve stopped when a gender reveal party in California a couple of years ago sparked a wildlife that burned over 10,000 acres of land. Now, with this one that took place recently in Mexico, a pilot of a small aircraft passed away in a celebration of bringing another life into the world.

In the clip, you’ll see a happy couple standing in front of a grandiose (and excessive) sign that says “OH BABY.” With a crowd of friends and family waiting to see the entirely-too-much gender reveal, a smaller plane can be seen flying towards the group, heading for the area right over the sign.

As the plane reaches the “OH BABY” letters, it begins to release pink-colored smoke, signifying that the couple would be having a girl. People start to scream and shout in excitement, and a confetti cannon even goes off, but right at the same time, the aircraft’s left wing fails and breaks apart.

It is unclear what causes the plane’s wing to snap so quickly, but some are speculating that the pilot put too much stress on the wings as he began to pull up. The worst part about the whole video is that as the aircraft spirals out of control behind the event and crashes, no one really seems to notice.

Everyone is still wrapped up in the gender reveal and the happy couple that just accidentally played a role in a tragic event. Screams of excitement for the reveal are mixed in with the few screams of people attending that realized something went horribly wrong with the plane.

One person from the party called the authorities concerned about the plane and its pilot. First responders quickly made their way to the scene and recovered the body of the man who was flying the plane when it fatally malfunctioned. The 32-year-old pilot was rushed to the hospital, where he was then pronounced dead.

No gender reveal is worth the loss of a life, nor a wildfire, or really any unintentional consequence that comes from it. Like I said before, maybe this can horrific accident can act as sign to wrap these gender reveals up, or at least have them limited to a much smaller scale.

The video was posted onto X (formerly Twitter) with the caption:

“Pilot killed after his Piper PA-25 left wing failed at a gender reveal party in the town of San Pedro, Mexico.”

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