The Steel Woods Highlight Their Ongoing Storytelling With New Single “The Man From Everywhere”

The Steel Woods
The Steel Woods

A note worthy Southern rock ballot.

New from their forthcoming record On Your Time, which will be their first album since tragically losing founding member Jason “Rowdy” Cope, “The Man From Everywhere” highlights the essential sound of The Steel Woods.

“It’s a song loosely based on the story of Uncle Lloyd as a prequel to the Darrel Scott song we cut on our first record.

It’s written from the perspective of a man who just can’t seem to get things right, hinting that his drinking and gambling addictions are the reason he’s abandoned every good thing he’s ever had going for him.”

The single gives the character of “Uncle Lloyd” from their 2017 album Straws In The Wind a loose backstory and how he came to be.

“This is one I wrote with Connie Rae Harrington after spending what seemed like hours listening to the other songs and plans I had for this record.

That day was definitely a turning point for me and my confidence as a writer, realizing this crazy idea I had could actually be great.”

The Steel Woods have a way of storytelling that intertwines previous characters and narratives, and “The Man From Everywhere” follows suit in that.

The single’s lyrics follow the message that the frontman Wes Bayliss was trying to portray effortlessly.

“So I run and I hide I see what I can find
But I’m never satisfied
Maybe I’m just bad at chasing dreams
All the good I’ve ever had’s a memory
I can’t pack it up so I just up and leave it there
The Man From Everywhere…”

The Southern rock ballot has a groove that will have you bobbing your head along in no time.

The single releases from On Your Time have been stellar thus far. I’m ready to hear what the rest of the record has in store for us on October 6th.

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