Seagull Gobbles Down Entire Rabbit While Horrified Man Provides Hilarious Commentary: “What The F**k Is Going On?”

seagull eating

This might be one of my favorite “animal in the wild” videos I’ve ever seen.

There’s just so many moving parts to this footage, and it all culminates to create a glorious and comical minute-long clip. Just to lay down the groundwork for the whole thing, we’ve got:

-A deceased rabbit

-A very hungry seagull

-A man who loves to utilize nearly every curse word in the book

We don’t know if the rabbit was dead before the seagull found it, or if the seagull and the bunny had a battle for the ages that ended with the bird being victorious. All we know is that the seagull is starting to throw the entire seagull down its gullet when the man starts recording.

And not only does this man turn his camera on, he also brings his best, expletive riddled play-by-play announcer ability to the table. Watching the seagull swallow the rabbit in one fell swoop is pretty impressive, but hearing this guy react to it in real time is the icing on the cake.

As the seagull throws it back, the man horrifically (and maybe just a little bit excitedly) watches and gives unbelievable commentary. By that, I mean he manages to use pretty much every form and fashion of the f-word:

“What the f**k? No f**king way. What the f**k? Holy f**ck. What the f**k is going on?”

Then, in a strange turn of events, he starts to cheer the seagull on as it struggles to get the rabbit all the way down:

“Go on son. Do the whole thing. Go on. Get in there! Get in. What the f**k? Go on son, (get) the whole thing.

Go on and get in there. Go on son, you f**king fat f**k. Look at the smile on its face.”

I’ll have to agree with the cursing guy on this one. The bird looks to be at a pretty healthy weight. It must have a lot of rabbits in its diet…

Take a look at the laugh-out-loud video:

X users were shocked at the bird’s size, the way the seagull managed to get the rabbit down pretty fast, and how many f-bombs the guy could fit into a minute, leaving replies below the video saying:

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