Raven Takes Out Osprey Then Comes Back And Raids Its Nest  

Osprey fights off raven

These birds are just out here fighting.

Everything is just trying to eat, but dang, sometimes it gets harsh out there.

Birds are no different. As much as they eat other creatures, their nests are at risk of being raided until their chicks fly out of it. It’s an “only the strong survive” world out there.

Ospreys are known to be some of the stronger. They are a medium sized bird of prey, equipped with the tools to hunt and dive.

Although they don’t love conflict, they are no strangers to it and often fight with competitors like local eagles trying to steal their fishing holes. Ospreys, like most wildlife, has no trouble defending their nests and will do so with lots of aggression.

The raven moves in as the osprey sits with her chicks.

The raptor decides the raven is to close and starts to chase it off. The raven pulls the osprey in the distance down into the trees.

Then just the raven comes back, with feathers of the osprey coating its face.

That tells the story enough for us to know what happened…

Unfortunately, for the chicks, that was the end of the road.

Nature is brutal all the time.

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