Louisiana Governor Asks Fans Not To Grill Out On The First Weekend Of College Football Due To Wildfires

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In case you haven’t heard, week one of the college football season is officially here.

We have tons of great games to watch on Saturday, and you best believe I’m gonna be retiring to the couch for about nine hours while slamming an ungodly amount of beers.

And for those of y’all who are going to games, there’s a good chance that y’all are gonna be tailgating y’alls a**es off up until kickoff.

However, if you’re an LSU fan, then you might not get to enjoy this beloved college football festivity…

According to WBRZ 2, LSU fans may not get to fire up the grill at the tailgate this Saturday, as Governor John Bel Edwards is insisting for it not to happen.

It all stems from the wildfires that have swept across Louisiana, which have burned up more than 60,000 acres of land.

Not to mention, the weather conditions this weekend could increase the risk of more wildfires, so Governor Edwards is insisting that tailgaters stay away from barbecuing and anything that involves an open flame.

Governor Edwards said:

“This weekend is Labor Day. We know that typically involves a lot of cookouts and barbecues, especially with the return of football…

And I’m asking that people not engage in barbecuing and so forth outside where a fire can start. Let’s be patient. Let’s not create more work for firefighters across the state of Louisiana.”

State Fire Marshal Daniel Wallis added:

“Think of alternatives. Think of the situations where you may patronize your local businesses if you’re thinking about having a barbecue and go for those tailgate parties and buy pre-packaged meals…

Think about situations where you might be using candles for some sort of outdoor event, purchase flameless candles.”

Of course, LSU isn’t even at home this weekend, as they are set to play Florida State in Orlando on Sunday.

But, as seriously as they take football down in Louisiana, you already know that tons of people were planning on grilling out.

Talk about a tough scene.

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