Kid Hauls In Massive Paddlefish While Noodling For Catfish  

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What a catch.

Any person willing to submerge themselves in the water to go into a hole and wrestle whatever is living in there, is pretty brave.

Noodling is one of the most redneck, and awesome, ways of fishing. You pretty much just dive into a hole, arm first, and get a catfish to bite onto your arm so you can get ahold of them and pull them up.

It gets pretty wild, especially when the catfish get large. The folks are bobbing for air while wrestling giant fish.

As great as catfish are to catch, it’s always great to catch an off species that isn’t super common, and very strange-looking to boot, like the paddlefish.

Named because of the massive paddle on their face, these fish are cool. They are not super plentiful anymore but do grow large pushing 200 pounds at their max. This makes them always a treat for anglers when they get one.

But when you’re targeting something else, it would be a unique surprise.

This kid is living large as he runs through these rivers learnings the ways and noodling. What better way to get a kid out there having the time of their life? I don’t see one.

Him and his dad are seen out trying to get themselves a catfish, but as the the kid dives down in the hole… there’s one problem.

“Dad, I don’t know what this is!”

The ol’ shock of finding something unexpected somewhere you can’t see.

“Okay, catch it, get it, whatever it is it won’t hurt ya”

The kid doesn’t question and dives right back in. I love it.

He comes up wrestling a fish that is every bit as big as he is.

“That’s a spoonbill, holy crap! Get it over here.”

The shock of the unexpected is what makes fishing so great. It seems even better when you are diving in a hole chasing fishing.

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