Johnny Manziel’s College Friend Recalls The Time They Got Pulled Over & Instead Of Getting Arrested, Got An Escort Home

Johnny Manziel
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If you were a college football fan back in 2012 and 2013, then you know how electric Johnny Manziel was to watch.

Seriously, people would tune in to Texas A&M games not to see the Aggies play, but to see what kind of wild, backyard football play Manziel would pull off, and his play ultimately landed him a Heisman Trophy back in 2012.

Johnny Football was and forever will be one of a kind, and it may be a long, long time before we ever see a college quarterback that was as big as him.

In the Untold: Johnny Football documentary that dropped earlier this month, we got a first hand look at the celebrity status of Manziel in college. We’re talking about going to the nicest clubs and bars in the country, along with hanging out with every A-list celebrity.

Not to mention, Manziel and his college assistant/friend Nate Fitch admitted that they were raking in TONS of money for discretely signing autographs behind the scenes, which was completely illegal at the time.

But speaking of Nate Fitch, he recently made an appearance on the Overtime podcast, where he gave us a look at just how big Manziel was in College Station, Texas.

Fitch said:

“We were driving down the road in College Station, and I was just pleading with him, ‘you’re not driving, you’re not driving,’ a bunch of girls with us, so he drove. Nothing I could do, I attempted to stop him.

We’re flying down the highway, I’m in the passenger seat he’s driving, and we got pulled over. It was just for speeding, he wasn’t swerving or anything like that, he was just speeding his a** off, and we’d been drinking.

Now I’m not gonna speculate whether he was over the limit or not, but we’d definitely been partying all day, and I’m going ‘ugh, this is the end.’ He rolls down the window, and I remember just reaching over to hand the police officer my stuff, and he looks at Johnny and his eyes light up.

He goes, ‘I’m so sorry Mr. Football, can we get you home?’ And we got a police escort home. That was when I thought the wheels were coming off, and there was nothing I could do about that.”

I’d say that paints the perfect picture of how Johnny Manziel was the king of College Station, Texas.

Check it out:

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