Nashville Man Arrested For Urinating On Hot Dog Vendor From The Rooftop Of Jason Aldean’s Bar

Jason Aldean's bar Nashville
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Try THAT in a small town…

If you’ve been to Nashville recently and spent any time on Broadway, you know that the street famous for its strip of artist-themed bars and endless live music can get pretty wild. On weekends especially, Broadway becomes a madhouse of tourists and bachelorette parties who seemingly all have the same mission: To get as drunk as humanly possible.

And while Nashville residents generally avoid Broadway at all costs, it seems that one local man decided to join in on the fun at Jason Aldean’s bar recently – and made it rain, but not in a good way.

According to Scoop: Nashville, Thomas Colton Benefield was at Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar last month when apparently it was just too much trouble to go to the bathroom, so he decided to just whip it out and piss off the rooftop of the bar.

The problem (among others) was what was below him: A hot dog vendor who got an unlucky shower from above.

The vendor told police that he looked up and saw Benefield holding on to his manhood while relieving himself from the rooftop. Staff at the bar also reportedly saw him peeing off of the bar, and he was removed by security.

Benefield reportedly admitted to the police that he had urinated from the rooftop, but told officers that “there’s no way it reached” the hot dog vendor below.

The 22-year old resident of Antioch, Tennessee was given a citation for assault and public indecency, and was booked on the citation last week. He returns to court on October 27 on the charges.

Now, this isn’t the first time that somebody’s been caught making it rain from the rooftop of Jason Aldean’s. Just a few months ago, a video (that’s since been deleted) was posted to TikTok showing a partier whipping it out and letting it fly from the same rooftop bar.

And a few months prior to that, a man was arrested for literally peeing on other customers at the bar.

These incidents should teach us some valuable lessons about partying on Broadway:

First, just don’t.

But second, if you do, never walk underneath the balconies or rooftop bars. Because if you feel something splashing down on you, chances are it’s not rain.

And third, be careful what you eat from street vendors. Those hot dogs might be marinated in something that you didn’t bargain for.

Keep it classy, Nashville.

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