Black Bear Comes Out Swinging When Mountain Lion Challenges For A Kill

Bear fights with cougar

In the age old battle of “which animal would beat another animal in a fight,” give me bears all day, every day.

What type of bear? Doesn’t matter, unless they’re fighting a bigger one.

Now I’m a big cougar fan (the wild cats guys, calm down), so for a brief second I was under the impression it may be able to compete with the smallest of the North American bears, the black bear, right?


This old school nature video shows a bear sniffing around a wolf kill site when a large cat decides he wants to poke around and doesn’t like the fact this bear is hogging the space.

The cougar, also known as a mountain lion, approaches and starts screaming, swiping at the bear’s face with razor sharp claws and jumping around a bit.

But the bear is having none of it, even seems content to let the cat yell itself out and leave on its own terms.

However, there’s only so much of this he can take and eventually decides it’s time to bow up and run this cat out of town.

Now, there’s no denying this bear looks a little funny when he gets up on his back legs, but the cougar certainly didn’t think so, and after just a few back and forths, the bear chases it away and gets to revel in his glory, secure once again on top of the food chain.

But maybe the craziest part of this who encounter is the fact they’re fighting over a piece of land that just smells like food. The wolves cleaned out a deer the night before so all that’s left is the hope of a leg or organ left behind.

Proof yet again that nature is a cruel beast and that it’s so hard to survive, even the possibility of food will lead an animal to attack anything in its way.

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