Justin Moore Releases “She’s Got Lovin’ On Her Mind,” A Bonus Track From 2019 Album ‘Late Nights And Longnecks’

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Cody Villalobos

Digging into the vault.

When country fans opened up the New Music Friday playlist this week (which is absolutely LOADED – it’s like Christmas for country music fans today), they may not have been expecting to see a new song from Justin Moore.

Justin just released a new album, Stray Dogback in May, and just notched his 12th career #1 single with “You, Me and Whiskey,” a duet from the album with country newcomer Priscilla Block.

So why is Justin already releasing new music again so soon after the album? (Not that anybody’s complaining – the more the better from Justin).

Well, this one isn’t exactly new.

Written by Justin along with Jeremy Stover and Brandon Kinney, “She’s Got Lovin’ On Her Mind” was a bonus track from Justin’s incredible 2019 album Late Nights and Longnecks, which was one of the most underrated mainstream albums that’s come out in quite awhile.

It’s probably still my favorite Justin Moore album, and one that I find myself going back to pretty regularly with its authentic country sound and tear-in-your-beer heartbreak songs.

So it’s nice to get even more music from that album – even it’s not entirely new.

The song, which is a honky tonk heater about taking the party from the bar room to the bedroom, was only available on the Target exclusive version of the album, and has never been released on streaming.

Until now, of course.

And true to what we’ve come to expect from Justin Moore, and especially from the Late Nights and Longnecks album, this one’s just a damn good country song:

“I like where this is going, it’s about that time
She’s throwin’ me a look, she’s got lovin’ on her mind
She sets me on fire with her burnin’ desire
No doubt what’s goin’ down tonight
She’s got lovin’ on her mind”

There were two other bonus tracks from the Target exclusive version of the album, “Selfish Man” and “High On Life,” so hopefully we’ll be getting both of those soon too.

It’s always a good day when we get new music from Justin – even if it’s not technically new.

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