Indiana Man Arrested For A DUI While Driving Battery-Powered Kid’s Power Wheels Jeep

DUI arrest Indiana
Knox County

With a headline like this, you would assume that something like this would have happened in Florida.

Indiana police officers run a pretty tight ship, and apparently look out for any sort of vehicle (whether it’s for a child or an adult) that’s out on the road. I can’t imagine what the trooper in the squad car was thinking when he turned on his sirens and lights to pull over a grown man driving down the road in a Power Wheels Jeep designed for kids.

This hilarious arrest apparently went down on Wednesday night, and the Indiana man was booked with a DUI after intoxicatingly driving the children’s’ toy down the street. A state trooper was the one who pulled the man over, and was patrolling neighborhood streets around 9 o’clock at night when his headlights shined on the swerving toy car.

In the official release, the officer said that the Power Wheels Jeep “had no lights or reflectors and was difficult to see,” and that when the trooper pulled the tiny Jeep over on the said of the road, the driver “displayed signs of impairment.”

The man behind the toy car wheel, a 51-year-old man by the name of John McKee, was then subjected to a sobriety test.

McKee failed the field test, and was then sent to the Good Samaritan Hospital, where traces of methamphetamine and marijuana were found in his system. Afterwards, he was charged with a felony of operating a vehicle while intoxicated and sent to the Knox County Jail in Vincennes, Indiana. McKee also had prior convictions on his record.

How does something like this even happen? Did someone take his actual car keys away so he decided to improvise? Was it one of his kids’ car, or did he steal it from another neighborhood child? Could he have been charged with stealing a vehicle as well, if so?

Also, anyone that is familiar with these cars knows that they don’t go all that fast. The guy would have been better off just hoofing it, but for some reason decided to “ride dirty” in a toy Jeep meant for kids. It’s a shame we don’t have access to the dash cam or body cam footage of this, but I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for it.

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