Green Bay Packers Fans Take The Crown For Most Beers Per Game… And It’s Not Even Close

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I’ve got to say, there’s nothing better than going to watch your favorite sports team, and pound some beers like there’s no tomorrow.

I mean c’mon, sporting events are the perfect excuse to drink, as you need the drinks to celebrate when your team is winning, or need them to drown out the sorrow from losing.

It’s a win-win either way.

However, if you were wondering which NFL fanbase collectively drinks the most alcohol throughout a season, there is an answer.

The “NFL Fan Awards” by Pickswise has answered that burning question for us, as they unveiled the list of the NFL fanbases that drink the most beer per game.

So without further ado, lets take a look:

1. Green Bay Packers: 6.2 beers

2. Chicago Bears: 5.2 beers

3. Las Vegas Raiders: 4.6 beers

3. Minnesota Vikings: 4.5 beers

5. Philadelphia Eagles: 4.1 beers

Needless to say, Green Bay Packers fans love some beer, as they’re a full beer ahead of the second place Chicago Bears fanbase… it’s really not even close.

Considering last season was an incredibly up and down one for the Packers, which ultimately resulted in them barely missing out on the playoffs, I can imagine the beers were flowing like water inside Lambeau Field.

And this season, without Aaron Rodgers… gonna be a lot of tears to drown at Lambeau Field. Miller Lite… send the trucks.

That being said, the NFC North is clearly dominating with three teams in the top 5.

Man, after checking out this list, I’m ready to go watch some live football more than ever now.

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A beer bottle on a dock