Stephen A. Smith Disgusted By Titans QB Will Levis Putting Mayonnaise In His Coffee: “I Knew He Had To Be White”

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Hellman's Mayonnaise/Stephen A. Smith

Sports analyst Stephen A. Smith isn’t ever afraid to let you know how he really feels, or if he’s absolutely disgusted by something.

Rookie Tennessee Titans quarterback Will Levis made headlines in college when people found out that he ate bananas with the peel on, and that he puts mayonnaise in his coffee. (I still believe that those two strange habits ended up making the big-armed QB fall out of the first round of the NFL draft).

Though it might not have helped Levis on draft night, his weird obsession with mayonnaise has paid off as he begins his NFL career. You might not have even known that something like this was possible, but Will Levis signed a lifetime deal with Hellman’s mayonnaise. And I’ll admit that the way they introduced the endorsement was pretty clever:

Pretty good deal for Levis, as long as he really likes mayonnaise (and it seems as though he does). However, something in the sports world can’t officially happen until ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith talks about it, and he was kind of taken aback by the whole thing when he addressed it on The Stephen A. Smith Show:

“I heard this story and I just cringed. This is a dude that puts mayonnaise in his coffee. I’m going to repeat that: Mayonnaise in his coffee. Do you all know he got a lifetime deal with Hellmann’s Mayo?

That’s just nasty. And by the way, I’m going to say something that ain’t popular, but it needs to be said right here on The Stephen A. Smith Show. When I saw this, I knew he had to be white. Ain’t no brothers and sisters doing that.”

The way that Stephen A. delivers all of the lines is real “hall of fame” level analysis, which he has become known for. As he continues his fiery take on the Will Levis mayo situation, Smith works in a Bernie Mac impersonation at one point, and puts an exclamation point on his argument:

“Ain’t no brothers and sisters putting mayonnaise in their coffee. Nah, that had to be someone that was white. It’s all love, you understand what I’m saying? The good Lord above created all of us. I’m not throwing any shade.

But there’s just certain things…I’m trying to tell you right now, a lifetime contract with Hellmann’s mayo because he puts mayo in his coffee, I knew that man had to be white.”

You can view the entire clip from The Stephen A. Smith Show below:

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