Titans QB Will Levis, Who Infamously Puts Mayo In His Coffee, Just Signed A Lifetime Deal With Hellmann’s Mayonnaise

Will Levis Titans
Hellmann's Mayonnaise.

Well, this really just makes too much sense…

Back in April, there were rumblings at the NFL Draft that Kentucky quarterback Will Levis could have gone as one of the top 10 picks. However, he didn’t even go in the first round of the draft, and was eventually scooped up by the Tennessee Titans with the 33rd pick.

Why did his draft stock all of the sudden rise, then plummet back down and have him chosen in the beginning of the second round? Could it be his unsteady pocket presence? A concern over accuracy? Nope, it was none of those things.

It was the fact that Will Levis eats banana peels with the peel on and puts mayonnaise in his coffee. That’s what kept NFL teams from pulling the trigger and drafting him in the first round. General managers literally had to sleep on the decision before someone with the Tennessee Titans finally caved and decided to take a shot.

In the draft room, I guarantee everyone was saying the exact same thing about Will Levis:

“We love his arm strength, his raw talent, and his ability to throw on the run. However, can we trust him with the reigns of the franchise if he puts mayo in his coffee?

No, right? That’s what I thought. Let’s take someone else…”

So now, as Levis battles to move up the quarterback depth chart in Tennessee, he’s also busy signing lifetime endorsement deals, and this one that he signed on with is really meant to be.

It was reported earlier today that the rookie NFL quarterback has signed a “lifetime deal” with the popular mayonnaise brand Hellmann’s.

“I want to thank everyone for coming. Today is a very special day. It really is the culmination of years and years of hard work to become the best football player that I could possibly be.

And for it to come to this moment is a dream come true. It’s not everyday that someone offers to compensate you in mayonnaise. I’m proud to officially announce that I’ve signed a ‘Lifetime Supply of Hellmann’s’ contract.”

After thanking some important people in his life for helping him get to this celebratory point, he opens up the floor for questions. As Levis starts the Q&A, he pours coffee into a yellow mug, squirts probably a third of the Hellmann’s mayo into it, and then takes a hearty sip.

Someone in the crowd then shouts out another question:

“If you are making a coffee, are you going to go mayo macchiato or mayo mocha?”

Levis really takes a second to ponder the question, then reveals that he would have to think that a mayo mocha would be “pretty good.” The rookie QB takes a couple of more questions in the fictitious press conference, then says he has to get to practice and grabs the Hellman’s Mayo bottle to take with him.

Seems like a great deal for Levis, who loves mayonnaise, and now has as much as he wants for the rest of his life. I bet he’s thinking of what other product he could have went viral with and been given a lifetime supply of though…

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