Mountain Lion Swims Across A Colorado River With Ease

Cougar swimming
Vail Daily

I thought cats didn’t like water?

Cougars are some of the most ferocious animals out there. Natural and known killers of the wild, these slick cats are fantastic hunters, as athletic as can be, and also one of the most elusive creatures in the woods.

Their elusiveness leads them to locate other creatures before they are found and escape their view.

Their speed for one, with bursts up to 50 miles per hour. Along with an insane jump that can carry them 40 feet across and up to 18 feet into the air in one leap. These cats use trees to hide from things sinking their sharp claws into the tree and climbing straight up with ease.

They can skillfully get away, but they also know when they need to resort elsewhere.

Following the old stereotype of cats, cougars aren’t known to love water, but they still are known to take the occasional dip when they need to.

A tour group in Colorado was by the river when they noticed something swimming across, a cougar trying to get to the other side is just powering through the water with ease.

They can do it all.

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