Watch Marcus & Briley King Beautifully Cover Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide”

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Ethan Allen

Mr. and Mrs. King… this is my formal request that you two hit the studio together.

I have full-body chills listening to this.

Alright, folks, it is no secret if you’ve been around here that I am a massive fan of this couple. I was a huge fan of  Marcus King prior to him meeting the now Mrs. King, but their forces together are undeniably incredible.

Briley is more than an internet personality, she can SING. However, you have to acknowledge her social media influence has brought a lot of fans to Marcus’ music through her trucker-hat style and relatable TikTok videos.

Let’s also not forget the #RealMarcusQueens movement she started on her first tour with her hubby, where her fans highlighted what they were wearing to Marcus’ shows.

Briley has been joining Marcus on stage more these days, and it is incredible. From covering “Joy Of My Life” to providing backup vocals on Marcus’ hit “Goodbye Carolina,” Briley is showing her vocals are a force to be reckoned with.

@kidsmealsupremeJoy of my Life at the Ryman 🤠♬ original sound – Briley King

On their stop in Richmond, Virginia, she joined Marcus once again on stage, giving a nod to Fleetwood Mac in celebration of their six-month wedding anniversary.

Their relationship was rooted in music from the moment they met, so this was more than fitting for them to celebrate with a ditty on stage.

“She asked to connect to the Bluetooth, blared Linda Ronstadt and Aretha Franklin, and we sang and danced till it was time for the bus to leave.

I told her the next morning to quit her job and marry me instead.”

Marcus told People, recalling one of the first encounters he had with Briley.

The fog-filled stage gives the video the feeling that you’ve stepped back in time as Briley pulls out her inner Stevie Nicks and belts out the lyrics to Fleetwood’s iconic “Landslide.”

Marcus is right there with her, picking his guitar, and they dig deep to find some hard harmonies that are executed incredibly well.

Talk about a musical powerhouse.

If you think that is good, check out this video of them jamming to the Cranberries’ “Linger.”

@kidsmealsupreme Linger with @Marcus King ♬ original sound – Briley King

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