Granger Smith Reveals The “REAL Reason” He Left Country Music Behind Ahead Of Final Show At Billy Bob’s Texas

Granger Smith country music
Granger Smith

Granger Smith shocked the country music world with his announcement back in April that he would be leaving country music to pursue a career in ministry.

He took to Instagram to make the announcement, saying that it was an incredibly hard decision to make, but that he felt at peace with it. When he broke the news, he also made it known that he would be doing somewhat of a farewell tour, which is now coming to an end as we near the end of summer.

Granger Smith spoke at The Adventure Church in Delaware, Ohio this past weekend and revealed what he called the “real reason” he left country music and touring. The country music artist (for now) was incredibly transparent with his sermon, even speaking momentarily about the loss of his 3-year-old son River.

He told the congregation that this was a pretty important time in his life, saying:

“This is actually a monumental week for me in my career, today being Sunday the first day of what is going to be, Lord willing, the last week of me claiming myself to be a touring musician.

I’ll be hanging it up at Billy Bob’s, Texas, in Fort Worth, six days from today… and I will no longer be considered a touring musician, something I’ve been identified as for the last 24 years.

Besides my family, it has arguably been the greatest passion of my life until now… and I want to tell you that I have no regrets about this.”

Smith conceded that the decision was incredibly difficult considering that he had dedicated so much of his life to his country music career.

He even confronted some of the speculation that fans and critics had about why he actually decided to leave behind the touring life.

Smith continued:

“I love music and touring. That’s why I’ve done it for the last 24 years. It’s exhilarating to take the stage with my band brothers as the big lights come on and the fog machines and the crowd roars in approval…

It’s also not because I’m burnt out or grieving or unwell or sick or heartbroken. I assure you that although I’m really busy and I haven’t slept a whole lot lately, I am more awake and more at peace and more free than any other time in my life.”

Granger Smith’s decision to leave his music career behind has clearly put him at peace, though he admitted that he loves touring and he loves making and performing his music. However, giving up those things has apparently not been all that hard for him, considering he stated that he felt more free than ever before.

Smith finally goes on to reveal what he considers the “real reason” that he has decided to purse ministry full time:

“There is not another number-one song I could write. There is not another album I could release or sold-out concert I can perform that is more important than what I’m telling you right now. I wonder if there’s anyone here this morning that’s chasing something like I was, that’s getting in the way of knowing God more.

I don’t want the Granger Smith name to be famous. Instead, I want to proclaim the name of Christ, the one that washed me clean, the one that has freed me from my shame and guilt, the one that gave me a new heart.

I want Him to be known, and I want you to know Him, and I want to know Him more. THAT is the real reason I’m leaving touring.”

You can view Smith’s entire sermon with the video linked below:

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