Fishing Charter Captain Goes Ballistic On Client (& His Kids) Who Bumped The Throttle & Sent Him Flying Off The Boat: “I Do This Every F**king Day… Never Had A Trip Like This”

Captain Chris Two Conchs Charters

The deep sea fishing industry brings in hundreds of thousands of fishermen and fisherwomen every year to go out on the ocean for the chance to reel in big, rare fish.

This particular fishing charter based out of Marathon, Florida has prided itself for years on the quality and experience of their fishing charters, but much of that reputation has fallen overboard after this recent, viral incident.

One of the captains for the Two Conchs charters was out with a father and his two kids, and when an accident led to a brush with death, “Captain Chris” let his emotions get the best of him and went ballistic on the family. “F-Bombs” were flying all over the ocean that day, even with the two younger kids on the boat.

A now deleted Facebook post told the story of what went down that caused the charter captain to lose his mind:

“Captain Chris was in the back of the boat and he was dealing with some mahi that they had just caught. The client mistakenly slid into the throttle and forced Chris off the back of the boat and he landed on the dive platform which saved him from going into the motor.

Of course, he got heated in the situation and said some things that we do not condone at any time. Once he calmed down, the customers and him spoke, and they decided to still continue the charter and ended up catching mahi-mahi.”

Hey, well that’s good. If you are out in the middle of the ocean with a guy who is seething with rage, you might as well reason with him and try to go ahead and knock out the fishing trip still.

The Facebook post also said that the captain was tipped $200 dollars for the incident, despite the meltdown.

Two Conchs

However, the weird part is that the man by the name of Phil Barker who had booked the fishing trip with his two young kids secretly recorded Captain Chris’ meltdown, and still decided to post it on social media even though they had talked and continued to do the charter.

Barker post the video to his Facebook page, saying:

“Disaster fishing trip. My family had a fishing trip with Two Conchs Charters. I slipped on the wet floor and touched the throttle, a complete accident.

This was the captains reaction with my 9 year old and 12 year old on board!

Pretty unbelievable.”

The shocking video has been circulating pretty much everywhere.

Check out the NSFW footage below:

Holy smokes…

When you know that Captain Chris almost died because of Barker’s mistake, you kind of feel for him right? Seeing your life flash before your eyes can probably make you do some questionable things.

However, you really can’t go scorched Earth like that in front of young kids. They were out there with their father to create a memory, and I’m guessing they certainly won’t forget the fishing trip anytime soon.

In an attempt to save face, Two Conchs Charters posted an apology video on their YouTube page, informing everyone that they decided to part ways with Captain Chris:

“As many of you know, there’s been an unfortunate incident with one of our charter captains, and as a result, Captain Chris is no longer operating under the Two Conchs brand.

We have over 29 captains who work hard all day, year round to provide an enjoyable and safe experience for our customers. We hold the captains to the utmost degree of professionalism and customer service. No matter what happened, Captain Chris should not have acted the way he did.”

You can view the full length video of the statement below:

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