Kayak Fisherman Uses Barbie Rod To Haul In Giant Sturgeon

Fishing for sturgeon in kayak with child's rod
NorthWest Fishing

I’ll never forget being a four-year-old kid, and waking up on Christmas morning to find a Mickey Mouse fishing rod sitting underneath the tree, and hell, I thought I was Bill Dance or something.

Of course, you can get those kind of rods at Toys ‘R Us for about $15, so you’d be lucky to catch a cold with that thing.

However, this avid fisherman thought he’d experiment with a Barbie fishing rod one day, just to see if he could have any luck out on the water…

Boy, he had some luck and then some.

In the video posted by NorthWest Fishing, you can see the something puling on the line of the Barbie rod, and the fisherman quickly realizes he has something huge on his hands.

He puts up a fight for awhile, and the rod even snaps as he tries to reel the massive fish in (further proof that these rods are absolutely useless), so he has to try to pull in the fish by himself without flipping out of his kayak and landing in the water.

Sure enough, the fisherman gets the last laugh at the end, as pulled in a gem…

We’re talking about a massive sturgeon.

You can hear him say:’

“I took on the craziest fishing challenge to this day! I decided to take out the kayak to do the Kayak Barbie Fishing Rod Challenge and ended up landing my personal best Kayak fish.

This was one of the most rewarding days I’ve had to this day!”


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