A Fan Asked Zach Bryan To Play “She’s Alright” At His Idaho Show For 176 Days Straight, So He Brought Her Onstage To Play It With Him

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Persistence pays off.

Or at least it did for one lucky Zach Bryan fan, who spent nearly half the year asking Zach to play one particular song at an upcoming concert.

Molly Johnson posted a video to her TikTok asking the superstar if he would play “She’s Alright” at his show in Idaho. Well, not just asking him: She played it herself every day until he agreed.

The song from Zach’s 2022 album American Heartbreak is an emotional tribute to his late mother:

“And I still recall the night you’re heading homeYou were fighting so hard, I knew you couldn’t be aloneYour hand in my hand, I knew I had to be a man from that night on
And I’ll tell you all these stories one dayAnd we’ll laugh like we used to and waste the night awayYou’ll say, “Boy, how I’ve missed ya,” but son, I was with you this whole time”

And Johnson requested this one in particular for a special reason: Her mother has also passed away, and she wanted it as a tribute to her own late mother.

So for 175 straight days, she posted her video of herself playing the song, just waiting to catch Zach’s attention and get him to agree to include it in his setlist when he rolled into Idaho:

@mojo1900 Day 175 #themotherlessclub #msawareness #americanheartbreaktour #zachbryan #fordidahocenter ##americanheartbreak #shesalright #wakeupboyszachposted @Zach Bryan @Noah Le Gros @Gentsbl @Charles Wesley Godwin @Read “Two Show” Connolly @dewaynebryan73 ♬ original sound – molly johnson

Well apparently the 176th time is the charm. Because on day 176, Zach finally responded. And not only did he agree to play the song, but he had something else in mind for Molly too:

“Only if you play the guitar for it.”


Well of course Johnson agreed, and she even posted a video of herself literally jumping for joy when she found out that not only did she finally got Zach’s attention, but that he also invited her on stage with him.

But it turns out, she didn’t even have tickets to the concert yet – so she had to figure out how she was going to get in first.

@mojo1900 Replying to @Zach Bryan I HAVE NO WORDS… THANK YOU ZACH… AND OF COURSE I WILL PLAY GUITAR FOR IT!!!! EVERYONE WHO HAS TAGGED HIM FOR THE PAST 6 MONTHS, THANK YOU! WE DID IT @Zach Bryan @Noah Le Gros @Gentsbl @Charles Wesley Godwin @Read “Two Show” Connolly @dewaynebryan73 @peyton_wilson #themotherlessclub #msawareness #americanheartbreaktour #zachbryan #fordidahocenter #americanheartbreak #shesalright #wakeupboyszachposted ♬ original sound – molly johnson

Obviously it worked out and Molly made it to the show at the Ford Idaho Center in Nampa, Idaho.

And Zach’s a man of his word, bringing her on stage for the special moment as the two paid tribute to their late mothers together:

“She posted on TikTok every day…And we’re trusting her to sing “She’s Alright,” one of my favorite songs. If we mess up we’ll blame it on the band. I haven’t sang this song in awhile so we’ll try our best.”

@zachbryanarchive Zach Bryan brought out @molly johnson last night to play ‘She’s Alright’ in honor of her late mother. ❤️ #ZachBryan ♬ original sound – Zach Bryan Archive

Molly also revealed that not only did she get to sing on stage with Zach, but he and his girlfriend Brianna Chickenfry also surprised her with a new guitar, a gift that she says will be put to good use.

Gotta think there were some proud mamas watching down over them.

@mojo1900 @Zach Bryan @Brianna @Noah Le Gros @Read “Two Show” Connolly @Dewayne Bryan73 THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!! THIS WAS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY THAT I FEEL SO BLESSED TO HAVE GOTTEN❤️ you guys truly are the most humble and genuine people ever and to get to meet and talk with you was truly incredible. Zach and Brianna thank you for the guitar. That is a HUGE gift which will be used daily. To Zach’s team, you guys are incredible. Thank you for taking such great care of us. We did it Momma🧡. #themotherlessclub #msawareness #americanheartbreaktour #zachbryan #fordidahocenter #americanheartbreak #shesalright #wakeupboyszachposted #burnburnburntour #burnburnburn ♬ original sound – molly johnson

Zach Bryan Reveals 15-Song Tracklist For Upcoming Album

Zach Bryan shared the tracklist for his forthcoming, seemingly self-titled project that’s slated to drop everywhere on August 25th, and he’s not messin’ around with this one.

The 15-song record, which includes 16 tracks with an opening poem (that’s also featured as a song), will feature four different collaborations with some spectacular artists including “Holy Roller (ft. Sierra Ferrell),” “Hey Driver (ft. War and Treaty)” “Spotless (ft. The Lumineers)” and the one I’m most excited to hear, “I Remember Everything (ft. Kacey Musgraves).”

He teased the collab with Sierra a little while back, and pretty much confirmed he was including The Lumineers, but we didn’t know anything about Kacey or War and Treaty being included, which are absolutely incredible additions:

“Really proud to call the writing and production on somethin’ all mine, thank y’all for your patience.”

As Zach mentioned in the caption, this new record is fully self-produced, a first for the Oklahoma native, and is just a fraction of his behemoth of a major label debut in 2022’s 24-song American Heartbreak.

Zach Bryan Tracklist:

1. “Fear & Friday’s (poem)”
2. “Overtime”
3. “Summertime’s Close”
4. “East Side of Sorrow”
5. “Hey Driver (ft. War and Treaty)”
6. “Fear and Friday’s”
7. “Ticking”
8. “Holy Roller (ft. Sierra Ferrell)”
9.  “Jake’s Piano/ Long Island”
10. “El Dorado”
11. “I Remember Everything (ft. Kacey Musgraves)”
12. “Tourniquet”
13. “Spotless (ft. The Lumineers)”
14. “Tradesman”
15. “Smaller Acts”
16. “Oklahoma Son”

Zach also previously shared what appears to be the album cover, with the photo below on his feed featuring a simple profile portrait of Zach smoking a cigarette with his name in the top right corner:

He also teased “I Remember Everything” on Instagram in July, and I immediately fell in love with it.

Thank goodness we only have to wait one more week:

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A beer bottle on a dock