Zach Bryan’s New Album Seemingly Features A Collab With The Lumineers On A Song Called “Spotless”

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What a collab.

It looks like Zach Bryan’s new album that’s supposed to be dropping sometime this month might feature a song with The Lumineers.

He shared a teaser of a song over on Instagram called “Spotless,” thanking them and saying he’s been a fan since he was 16 years old.

You can hear them singing together and harmonizing on the teaser below, and I already love the sound of this one:

“Thank you The Lumineers. The admiration started when I was 16 and hasn’t stopped since, see you at the Pilgrimage Festival!!

Some of the kindest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to.”

We obviously know there’s a song with them coming purely based on this post, but it remains to be seen if it will be featured on this new record of Zach’s, as he previously said there will only be 11 songs on this project.

Either way, I can’t wait to hear the full version and think this is a perfect pairing:

Zach previously shared a cool story of him DMing The Lumineers many years ago on Instagram, telling them they were his “favorite band” and saying their music had touched him to his ‘very core.”

He also asked them to check out his music page, and though they left him on read back then, I’d say it’s all worked out as well as it possibly could have in the long run:

“Dear Lumineers, You guys are my all time favorite band. Your music has touched me down to my very core.

From your EP to ‘Cleopatra,’ I cannot express how much your guys influence has changed my life and musical style.

If you want to check out my music it’s on my Instagram page, if not then that’s okay. I just want to thank you all so dearly.”

Zach is going to co-headline the Pilgrimage festival alongside The Lumineers this September, which will certainly be a full-circle moment for him getting to share equal billing with his “all-time favorite band” as a country music superstar himself.

Hopefully, we might get a live performance of “Spotless” with all of them next month on one stage together, if they happen to somehow overlap being there, since they’re headlining different evenings.

Stay tuned…

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