John R. Miller Ponders The Strange Times We’re Living In With New Single, “Conspiracies, Cults & UFOs”

John R Miller country music
David McClister

It’s no secret that we’re living in some strange times right now.

We went through the whole COVID pandemic just a couple of years ago (some folks are still livin’ in it), and right when you think things are getting back to normal, we start hearing about and seeing all of these videos of UFO sightings, with the US Government basically telling us that they’ve retrieved several UFOs over the years.

Not to mention, it feels like everyday I get on Twitter and see something about some new conspiracy theory that somebody just pulled out of their a**.

With that being said, John R. Miller is acknowledging these strange topics in the best way he knows how…

Through a country song.

Dubbed “Conspiracies, Cults & UFOs,” Miller dropped the brand new single today.

The song itself is a boot stompin’ honky tonker, as Miller sings about all of the strange thoughts that go through his mind when he’s delirious on an all night drive, and those thoughts end with the chorus, “conspiracies, cults and UFOs.”

We’ve all been there. You’ve been on the road for several hours, your foot is about to fall asleep from stepping on the gas, your eyes are blood shot and your brain is fried, and next thing you know you’re thinking about the underground lizard people that are secretly running the government… or, not so secretly…

Needless to say, Miller acknowledges these strange times in the perfect way in this song, and its a great single ahead of his upcoming album, Heat Comes Down, slated to drop October 6th.

You best believe I’m marking my calendar for that date.

But until then, check out “Conspiracies, Cults & UFOs.”

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