Alaskan Moose Charges At Group Of Mountain Bikers: “Dude, It’s Coming After You!”

Moose attacks bikers
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Bikers beware…

There’s few animals more territorial than a mother moose. They’ve been known to run off black bears, valiantly fight against an entire wolf pack, and chase more than a few humans when they got too close to their calves, just like in this video.

A group of four mountain bikers hit the trails at Kincaid Park in Anchorage, Alaska when they got a first hand taste of the ire a mother shows against those she perceives as a threat to her babies.

The group is split, with two bikers in the lead and two back a bit further. The video starts with biker number three beginning to catch up to the leaders when all of a sudden, a very large creature starts charging at the two front bikers.

The guy yells to his friends, hoping to give them a warning before they’re blindsided.

“Dude, it’s coming after you!”

I mean, what do you even do? If a moose has a beat on you and decides to hit you, you’re getting hit.

Fortunately for them, it decided to stop the charge after slightly hitting one of the bikers, allowing them to get away unscathed.

An extremely close call and exactly what you fear when riding the trails in an Alaskan State Park.

While attacks are very rare, they can happen, so do everyone a favor and keep your head on a swivel, will you?

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