Moose Desperately Tries To Defend Her Calf From Hungry Pack Of Wolves At Alaska’s Denali National Park

wolves denali park

Score one for the wild dogs.

Life in the wild is always a struggle.

Whether it’s a bunny looking for leaves or a bear looking for deer, no meal is guaranteed which leads to some incredible, albeit sometimes sad, fights for life.

Like this video from Denail National Park in Alaska, where we see a pack of hungry wolves encircling a mother moose and her calf that had wandered into a pond for some water.

The mother immediately senses the danger and keeps her calf close by. The wolves are cautious at first, knowing that one good hoof to the head could be the end for them.

But slowly, the wolves move in, with a brave one sneaking close to distract the mother while others flank from the sides to try and grab the calf.

The cow puts up a hell of a fight, holding the pack at bay for four long, stressful minutes, even sending one of the attackers flying with a well placed kick to the dome.

But eventually, the tenacious wolves begin separating the calf from its mother (the mother also seems to be stomping her own calf pretty hard in the frantic process of defending it).

Despite her best effort, the wolves are able to drag the calf out of the water, avoid the frantic stomps, and secure the day’s dinner.

The lady filming has a reaction I think we all would in the situation, uttering a disappointed “Oh no” when the first wolf makes its way to the baby, but at the end of the day, everyone has to eat and the wolves are just doing what they do: Finding the easiest meal.

This is an absolutely incredible display of the balance of nature in action and proves, yet again, that we are beyond lucky to be humans living in a time when we don’t have to fight off ravenous packs of wolves to protect ourselves and our children.

Because I think we all know it wouldn’t have taken that long if it was us…

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