Black Bear Brutally Mauls Moose Calf, Until Mother Comes In & Saves The Day

Moose bear

Another day, another example of the brutality of nature at its finest.

Although black bears typically eat berries, fruit, sedges, insects, fish, honeycomb, and things of that nature, the creatures are not afraid to take home moose whenever they’re feeling extra hungry, especially when the mother is trying to feed her cubs as well.

Needless to say, it can be pretty cruel to watch, considering moose don’t stand a chance at the hands of a black bear, particularly when they are injured, sick, or young, AKA…  when they are the most vulnerable.

Here we have yet another example.

A bystander filmed a sad scenario where a black bear was brutally mauling a moose calf by the side of a busy road, and you can hear the calf wailing for help, but at this point it’s too late.

The bear then begins to drag the calf off into a wooded area, away from the road.

However, this road does have a happy ending, as the mother of the moose calf comes in and saves the day, scaring off the bear.

It’s unclear if the bear attack left any life threatening injuries, but judging by the grip the bear had on the calf’s neck, it didn’t look too pretty.

Check it out:

Yellowstone Black Bear Mauls Elk Calf As Mother Elk Watches

Nature, man, nature… it’s one cruel and unforgiving beast.

These animals know one thing and one thing only… survival.

It’s a humbling thing to see and think of the benefits we’ve gained over time by being humans. Almost everything else in our world is constantly on edge waiting for something to go terribly wrong or fighting for their next meal.

Our intelligence has given us comfort to exist around these animals, and for most people, without even a trace of thought of what could go on if animals weren’t generally afraid of us. We are fortunate to be able to be at the top of the food chain most of the time.

Black bears are omnivores, that means they will eat just about anything. And I mean everything from the heart right out of a moose to the asshole of a dead skunk.

They aren’t as known for their hunting abilities like their larger relatives in the grizzly, or especially the even more savage polar bear, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good at it.

They often target the young of deer, moose and elk but could also have their way with a mature animal if they really wanted to have a good fight. For them, its all about getting food as efficiently as possible.

This video shows how crazy it can get out there. A black bear at Yellowstone National Park eats away at an elk calf still kicking and screaming as the mother watches from afar, knowing that the risk for herself is not worth it.

You can clearly tell the motherly instincts are there as you can pretty much see the sadness. However, they need to survive and let go sometimes.

It’s a hard life out there for these beautiful creatures.

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