Adam Hood Teams Up With Ella Langley For Bluesy Honky Tonk Tune “Buzzes Like Neon”

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Alabama is not playing around. This is a duo I never knew I needed.

Adam Hood teamed up with fellow Alabama native Ella Langley for bluesy honky tonker, “Buzzes Like Neon.”

“Stoked for you to hear Buzzes Like Neon with the talented fellow Alabamian, Ella Langley, helping me deliver. It will be out tonight at midnight!”

The single features a killer keys lick that gives the single a unique sound that blends elements of other genres while maintaining some honky tonk roots.

The lyrics talk about a love interest that is stuck in Hood’s head, with thoughts of her constantly racing through his head, reminding him of a neon sign buzzing. Langley comes in as giving the love interests’ perspective:

“And it buzzes like neon
And it makes me feel fine
And the way she leads me on
It’s a real good sign” 

Hood and Langley’s voices blend perfectly, making for a killer track.

“Buzzes Like Neon” also highlights a different sound from Langley, fitting with Hood’s masterful singer/songwriter style, and I am loving it.

This unlikely duo showed up in a big way for “Buzzes Like Neon.” It’s killer.

“Buzzes Like Neon” appears as the lead single for Hood’s new EP. The  EP is home to four other singles that Hood released earlier this year. These singles have been an incredible follow-up to Hood’s 2022 album “Bad Better Days.”

Take a listen to a few of the tracks while you are here.

“Cars, Trucks, & Me”


“Different Groove”

“22 Days Too Long”

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