Rams RB Cam Akers Ejected After Throwing Hands At Raiders DE Maxx Crosby During Joint Practice

Cam Akers NFL
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A joint practice fight in the books.

Tensions have been high this training camp season, with on-field tussles already reported from the Jets and Bucs, along with Commanders and Ravens. The players are getting after it – and getting into it – with each other this pre-season. 

A third one is added to the list today from Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby and Los Angeles Rams running back Cam Akers.

The two got into a heated altercation on the field, leading to a physical fight. 

BroBible reported that the conflict took place during an 11-on-11 drill. Maxx allegedly aggressively pursued Akers during a running play.

Crosby tried to strip the ball from Akers. This led to Akers getting physical with Crosby, escalating to exchanging a few punches between the players.

The teams quickly broke up the altercation, and Akers was immediately ejected from the practice since he was the first to make initial physical contact while Crosby attempted to take the ball at the end of the drill.

Crosby was put on the sidelines for the remainder of the practice.

Although there is no video evidence released at this time of the altercation, Crosby did speak to the press after the fight noting:

“Shit, I was just doing what I do. He didn’t like that. So, he got what he got. It is what it is.” 

There is a reason Maxx Crosby is called Mad Maxx.

The intense nature of the plays taking the field together during these joint practices shows the competitive build-up that takes place before the season starts.

I am sure we will see a few more of these in the future.

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