Eight Years Ago You Could See Riley Green And Luke Combs Together For $10

Riley Green Luke Combs country music
Instagram/Riley Green

Talk about a deal…

And another reminder to see your favorite, smaller artists at small venues for pretty dang cheap while you can.

Riley Green shared a photo on his Instagram story today of a poster for a show he played with Luke Combs back in 2015 at Zydeco in Birmingham, Alabama, which is about a 600-person capacity venue.

Of course, that was before either of them had really made a name for themselves as two of the best artists in mainstream country, which meant you didn’t have to pay a premium to see them in concert.

According to the poster Riley shared, advanced tickets were just $8, while day-of tickets would run you $10.

Obviously Luke sells out stadiums these days, so it’s pretty damn cool to look back and see just how far both of them have come over the last eight years.

Riley shared the throwback saying:

“This show went on sale 8 years ago today. For $10 a ticket.”

I’m sure both of them are glad they can charge a little bit more for a ticket these days, which they’ve certainly earned over years of grinding out on the road and working their asses off, and it really goes to show the value of hard work and never giving up on a dream:

Riley Green Luke Combs country music

It also says a lot that they’re both still good friends, and Riley’s current single at country radio is a reimagined version of his song “Different ‘Round Here” featuring Luke.

He also just wrapped his duties as tour opener on the North American leg of Luke’s 2023 world stadium tour, so I’d say it’s worked out pretty damn well for both of ’em…

“Different ‘Round Here ft. Luke Combs”

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