Coach Deion Sanders Tears Into Players Who Didn’t Join Fight During Colorado Football Practice: “If One Fight, We All Fight”

Coach Prime

Take a moment and breathe in. Do you smell that? That’s the smell of college football in the air.

“Week 0” actually kicks off on August 26th, with the rest of the country starting the first weekend of September. Soon we’ll all be able to wake up on Saturday morning to watch College Gameday, place uneducated bets on schools we’ve never seen play, then chase those losses with even worse bets on late games on the west coast.

I was going to say PAC-12 instead of west coast there, but I’m not even sure if the PAC-12 will exist when the football season rolls around. The conference a lot to figure out, especially since they lost the content powerhouse of Deion Sanders coaching at the University of Colorado during the mass exodus from the PAC-12.

Ever since “Coach Prime” arrived at Colorado, the formerly forgotten college football team has been at the forefront of sports news. Whether Deion was blaming today’s parents for “soft kids,” telling his players to “shut up and do better,” or the fact that the team lost 14 players to the transfer portal in one day, things have been busy out west for the Buffalos.

And now this footage from a recent practice is going viral, with tensions running high between Colorado teammates. After a play, the offensive and defensive players started getting into it, and things got pretty heated. Pushing and shoving ensued, and you would think that a head coach would want to break that kind of stuff up, but Coach Prime was actually thinking the opposite.

When the offense got back into a huddle, Deion Sanders came over to them had a couple of questions for them:

“Who just fought? He just fought. I seen two of y’all walking off over there, and you got a key teammate fighting. Where they do that at? Where they do that at?”

A chorus of “nowhere’s” and “not here’s” were fired back at the head coach, right before Coach Prime continued on:

“If one fighting, we all fighting, you understand that? I don’t want to see y’all walking off when somebody’s fighting. Never again.”

And probably the best part of the video is when Sanders walks off and one of the players laughs and states:

“I was in that, man.”

I guess we should all expect to see a good amount of team fighting when we turn on Colorado football games this year.

Take a look:

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