Deion Sanders Can’t Stand Colorado Players Saying “My Bad” All The Time: “Just Shut Up & Do Better”

Deion Sanders
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Deion Sanders, better known as “Coach Prime,” has not minded being in the spotlight after he took the head coaching position at Colorado University.

However, it hasn’t been all “smooth sailing” since he left HBCU Jackson State University to revitalize the lowly PAC-12 team in Colorado. Sanders lost a staggering 14 players to the transfer portal in one day, and in his personal life, his continued blood flow issues in his left leg could cause Coach Prime to lose his left foot.

But even with those hinderances, Deion continues to move forward in preparation for the upcoming college football season. With this being Coach Prime’s first year as head coach, as well as his past success with Jackson State, the expectations are sky high. Sanders knows that, which might be why he is emphatically setting the tone with summer team workouts.

The video below shows the Colorado Bison conditioning and practicing with Deion walking around the field, occasionally giving some pretty entertaining soundbites to the cameraman. The one that really stands out happens at the 9 minute mark, with Sanders giving quite the coaching soundbite.

As he taps his own chest with an open palm, he begins to share his feelings on a certain phrase commonly used in place of “I’m sorry” by his players:

“Let me tell you what I hate. Okay, this universal. What does that mean right there? (patting on his chest)

That means ‘my bad.’ I don’t believe in violence, but I’m gonna whoop ‘my bad.’ One day I’m going to meet the dude that’s ‘my bad,’ that started ‘my bad,’ and I’m gonna whoop him.

I can’t stand that right there, ‘my bad,’ I know it’s your bad!

Coaches hate that. Parents hate that. Don’t say it’s my bad because we know it’s your bad.”

The cameraman then asks Coach Prime what he would prefer for his players to say in place of the hated phrase, to which Sanders responds:

“Shut up and just do it over. Ain’t no ‘my bad.’ Just shut up and do better.”

Tell us how you really feel Deion…

Watch the clip of the prophetic stance against “my bad” below:


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