Aaron Rodgers Says “Hey Little B*tch, You Look Fat As Sh*t” During Heartfelt Reunion With Old Offensive Line Coach

Aaron Rodgers
Hard Knocks

Aaron Rodgers is loving it in New York, now that he’s officially the new quarterback of the New York Jets.

We’ve seen him dancing at Taylor Swift concerts, getting yoked in the gym, poking fun with his teammates, purchase a mansion near MetLife Stadium (meaning that Rodgers is planning on staying for awhile), and also living out one of his dreams by meeting the “voice of God,” aka the narrator of Hard Knocks Liev Schreiber.

Overall, the guy appears to be loose and happy now that he’s a Jet, and much happier than he looked the past couple of seasons with Green Bay.

With that being said, we saw that looseness play out once again in the most  way possible…

In the most recent episode of Hard Knocks, the Jets held a joint practice with the Carolina Panthers.

While there, Rodgers realized that James Campen, the old offensive line coach at Green Bay, was now the o-line coach at Carolina.

So, Rodgers decided to say hello to his former coach in the best way he knew how…

And that’s by calling him a “fat b*tch.”

In the clip, you see the quarterback sneak up on Campen and say:

“What’s up little b*tch huh? What are you doing? You look fat as sh*t.”

Of course, most people would probably take offense to that, but this seems to be the normal commentary between these two. There is clearly a lot of love and good natured ribbing between the two. It also sounds like they might’ve had a little wager going on.

Campen also admitted that he didn’t want to give it back to Rodgers because he knew he was mic’d up and essentially, didn’t want to get in hot water.

Buckle up for the fat-shaming, “cancel Aaron Rodgers” complaints in 3…2….1.

Check it out:

And for all the haters, listen to Rodgers talk passionately about his buddy, Campey:

“I love Campey, that’s family to me… he’s a special, special human.”

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