Aaron Rodgers Was Ecstatic To Meet Actor & ‘Hard Knocks’ Narrator, Liev Schreiber: “The Voice Of God”

Aaron Rodgers

Hard Knocks is officially underway, documenting the New York Jets’ fall camp going into the 2023 NFL season.

Aaron Rodgers, who is officially the new quarterback for the Jets, has expressed his excitement for the opportunity to meet the Hard Knocks narrator, Liev Schreiber.

In an interview at the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament, Rodgers said:

“One of the only things I like about ‘Hard Knocks’ is the voice of God, the man who narrates it, Liev.

I hope I get to meet him.”

With that being said, Rodgers’ wish came true, as he got to meet Schreiber on last night’s episode.

He got to visit camp in style, too, as he was sent via helicopter for some serious dramatic effect.

It was also hilarious hearing Schreiber narrate himself, saying that he wanted to drive and how he should’ve ironed his shirt.

Before the narrator even arrived, Rodgers was ecstatic about the opportunity to meet his hero, telling fellow quarterback Zach Wilson and others that the “voice of God” was coming to practice.

Sure enough, the moment finally happened, and Rodgers was as happy as ever, saying:

“I’ve been a fan of yours forever. Started with 24/7 way back in the day.”

He also tried to convince the Jets offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett to go over there and meet him, saying Schreiber was “nervous:”

“Just say ‘hi.’ Just be nice. Look at him, he got all dressed up for it. He looks great…

Don’t be an a**hole.”

I’d say both Schreiber and Rodgers walked away from this encounter happy.

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