Wolf Sneaks Up On Black Bear & Bites It Square In The A**

Wolf takes a bite at bear

Sneaky sneaky.

That’s one bold wolf.

I’m sure a large wolf pack could run circles around a black bear, but one on one, there’s not much of a chance unless it was just a youngin’.

Wolves are apex predators, there’s nothing that really hunts them. But, there are things they just can’t hunt because they have to much bite. Bears are definitely in that category.

When it comes to size, bears have the edge on average. Average bears weigh in around 150-200 pounds while a large wolf maxes out at 145-pounds. It’s not a long stretch for a wolf to be able to take one on, but the odds definitely aren’t in their favor.

Black bears are born killers too.  They will eat anything and although they aren’t particularly known for their hunting they definitely do it regularly.

This wolf was feeling a little ballsy though. I can only imagine it must have been hard up for food or wanted the bear out of its territory. Either way, ballsy.

The wolf sneaks up behind the unsuspecting bear as onlookers watch it all unfold.

The wolf gets up to it and bites it right on the rear end. The bear turns immediately and chases the much smaller wolf off.

Yes, that was a poor decision and a fight it doesn’t need.

Either way, it’s always cool to see these odd encounters.

Grizzly Bear Attacks Two Bowhunters


Bears might be one of the coolest, most badass animals on the entire planet. And for many of the same reasons, it also makes them some of the most terrifying animals on the planet.

Big, fast, strong… if you happen to find yourself in the unfortunate position of getting changed by a bear, it might be too late before you even get the chance to react. For these two bowhunters in Canada, that was nearly the case.

While hunting near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, these bowhunters stumbled upon a big ol’ sow and her two cubs at the feed barrel, but once she got a whiff them, she locked on in a full blown charge.

“These two hunters were watching a bear and her cubs when the larger animal suddenly charged towards them. Luckily, the two men were able to scare the bear off and walked away with only minor injuries.”

Thankfully, these fellas escaped with some minor injuries, and what I can only imagine is a freshly soiled pair of shorts.

But… they caught the entire thing on camera.

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