Peyton Manning Returning To The University Of Tennessee To Teach

Peyton Manning Tennessee
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Looks like I’ll be enrolling at the University of Tennessee this Fall…

Hall of Fame quarterback and now media guru Peyton Manning will be returning to his alma mater for the upcoming semester. Though I’m sure some at the school wouldn’t mind to see if he has any eligibility left, he’ll be trading in the football pads to be a professor in the communication and information department.

Manning is set to help out during the Fall 2023 semester, and instead of just teaching one class, he’ll move around to different classes as a “featured expert.” Probably a good call, considering how many students would flood the class signup if he were to just teach one course.

The two-time Super Bowl winner will be bringing his sports and media industry experience to select classes at the University of Tennessee, specifically in the college of communication and information (CCI).

The department is the one that Manning spent his years of college in during the late 1990’s, and eventually graduated from with a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication.

Manning, who has had tremendous success in his post football career with Omaha Productions, is looking forward to returning to Tennessee to give back to the place that spring boarded his career, saying:

“My time as a student in the College of Communication and Information was a foundational experience during which I learned critical skills and messaging techniques that I continue to put to use almost daily.

I look forward to working with the college’s talented faculty, and directly with students in an effort to ensure they are well prepared for their future careers.”

Peyton will be able to offer valuable knowledge from his years in the NFL, as well as how he built his media company that creates programming for ESPN and documentaries for Netflix, with the most recent being the uberly successful series Quarterback.

Omaha Productions is now valued at over $400 million dollars and gives the longtime Indianapolis Colts QB (and short term Denver Bronco) modern media industry expertise. Maybe he can teach students how make money by sitting in your basement and watching Monday Night Football like he and his brother Eli do with the “Manningcast.”

The dean of UT’s College of Communication and Information, Joseph Mazer, is incredibly grateful that Manning is choosing to return to his alma mater, stating:

“There is no other ambassador for our college and university like Peyton Manning, and we are proud to welcome him to the college’s faculty.

Peyton is a true Volunteer, and I look forward to our students gaining invaluable knowledge from him as we continue to prepare the next generation of communication and information leaders.”

Manning will be stepping into different classes such as sports reporting, video production and performance, public speaking, and leadership throughout the Fall semester.

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