Joe Rogan Cracks A Bud Light With Post Malone: “Settle Down Everybody…They F*cked Up”

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Five months later, the Bud Light boycott still seems to be going strong, though host of The Joe Rogan Experience appears to have moved past the outrage.

Whether you think Joe Rogan is a credible source or just a gasbag, he’ll always tell it like it is and provide intriguing and thought-provoking conversations with his wide range of guests. And as of late, he hasn’t shied away from cracking open a couple of cold ones during interviews, and his drink of choice has been Bud Light.

No one would have really thought anything about it if it happened a year ago, but the Anheuser-Busch partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney back in March has caused America’s formerly favorite beer to have a negative stigma surrounding it.

With Post Malone sitting across from him, Rogan addressed the negative aura around the beer when he asked the pop-rap artist to hand him one:

“Give me one of them Bud Lights, f**k it. Let’s go. We’ve been drinking Bud Lights consistently on this show.

I’m sure the comments are fire with those folks who like to get riled up about stupid sh*t.”

Could their be a secret Bud Light partnership with the beer company and Joe Rogan? If you put on your “tin foil hat” and think about it, it could be possible that Rogan is the man tasked with subtly deescalating the boycott.

Rogan recently had country music star Zach Bryan on his show, and they cracked open a couple of Bud Lights as well, which obviously had some mixed reactions from Rogan’s loyal podcast audience.

But the podcast host has been adamant about his thoughts towards the situation, saying that Bud Light definitely made a mistake, but the reaction from beer drinkers might be overkill.

He also stated an infamous viral video marked the beginning of the fall for the beer brand:

“Forget about everyone’s outrage. Settle down everybody. Relax. They f**ked up. Let them off the hook.

They f**ked up. It’s one thing. It’s not even that big of a deal, but when Kid Rock shoots your f**king beer, it’s game over.”

And if you somehow missed the moment, or maybe even forgot about the whole “Kid Rock shooting cases of beer” thing, you can view the response he had to the partnership below:

Posty goes on say that the MP5 Kid Rock wielded was “pretty cool,” and commented on how much the publicity stunt must have cost with having to purchase all the beer and all of the ammo that was used in the viral video.

The podcast host then doubled down on his thoughts about the response to the now controversial partnership, saying:

“If you look at the impact that it had, that’s what crazy. I think people are just looking for sh*t to get annoyed with lately.”

Rogan might be on to something there…

You can view the entire clip of the interview below, with Post Malone showing off his Johnny Cash tattoo on his upper left arm:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock