The SteelDrivers Release “Somewhere Down The Road,” As Second Single From Forthcoming Gospel Album

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The SteelDrivers

The second single from Tougher Than Nails. 

The progressive bluegrass band is gearing up to release their sixth studio album, slated for a September 8th release.

While many SteelDriver listeners love the band for the time that Chris Stapleton was with them, they did not let his 2010 departure hinder creating some stellar bluegrass music. Since the release of their last album, Bad For You, the group chose to pursue the creation of a gospel album, which was a project they had long wanted to do.

“The sacred and the secular have always gone hand in hand in Bluegrass music… just like Saturday nights and Sunday mornings.

The SteelDrivers have waited a long time to do a full Gospel album, but I believe the time is just perfect for our new release, Tougher Than Nails, on Gaither Music.

We couldn’t be more excited to share our version of some classics along with six brand new songs written by members of the band, past and present.”

Said fiddle player Tammy Rogers in a recent interview.

In their second single, “Somewhere Down The Road,” the group curated lyrics that struggle with the dealings of a sour relationship and getting out. The lyrics share how faith was a foundation that is no longer there, and the character hopes his ex and the new man find salvation, but he is not going to stick around to find out, so he is “headed somewhere down the road.”

“Somewhere down the road, there’s a reckoning I know
Where the truth’s gonna shine like the sun
Where every knee will bow when it all starts going down
Friend, if you ain’t ready when it comes
This may be the end for you
You may not care where you go
Me, I’m headed somewhere down the road.

I think about that man sometimes
Still, pray to God he saw the light.”

The song’s melodies are haunting while letting the harmonies of the five group members be the focal point.

This is how you keep bluegrass music alive and well.

Tougher Than Nails Tracklist: 

1. Somewhere Down the Road
2. Tougher Than Nails
3. Just a Little Talk with Jesus
4. Farther Along
5. Magdalene
6. 30 Silver Pieces
7. I Will Someday
8. His Eye Is on the Sparrow
9. At the River
10. Going Home
11. Amazing Grace

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