Watch Two Bison Battle It Out In The Middle Of A Yellowstone Campground

Bison yellowstone fight
Jean Paul Perek

That would be a wake up call you weren’t expecting.

Let’s hope the bison don’t run into a travel trailer, I feel like they would rip right through it.

Bison are one of the most historic animals in the U.S. Yellowstone is home to the largest population of genetically pure wild bison. They are also the largest animal in North America.

Adult males can weigh up to 2,000 pounds and stand up to six feet tall at the shoulder. Females are slightly smaller, weighing in at around 1,000 pounds and standing up to five feet tall.

These massive animals will fight like many other species during the rut. They do it to establish a pecking order and show dominance in the group. During bison fights, males will use their massive heads and horns to push and ram each other. Bison have thick hides and strong bodies that can withstand the impacts of these fights.

Although it’s completely normal, it’s still really cool to see. Especially if it is right outside your camper…

These bison were seen in the middle of a Yellowstone campground. Trailers and trucks, and even tents are everywhere with picnic tables in between… and then a whole herd of bison.

Two males are seen going head-to-head in an intense fight right in the middle of it all.

They have a good battle but when the dust settles one has established its dominance in the campground, as well as the rest of the herd.

What an experience for these campers.

Bison Stampede Halts Traffic At Yellowstone National Park

My kinda traffic jam.

You never know what you’re gonna see at Yellowstone National Park and while traveling through the park in Wyoming, one parkgoer found herself in the middle of a full blown bison stampede.

“I was just driving through Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming for a lovely fall adventure when the bison – as we often see happen – decided to conduct traffic their own way.”

Pretty damn cool. A bit nerve-racking, but still… really damn cool.

And so far, this viral encounter has racked up nearly 2 million views on Facebook.

If you’ve haven’t made it out to Yellowstone yet, put that one on your bucket list (and then scratch it off) ASAP.

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