Virginia Native Oliver Anthony Makes Powerful Debut, “Rich Men North Of Richmond”

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Radio WV

An overnight sensation… Oliver Anthony is going to be a name you want to know.

A significant spotlight was shined on this artist with the recent release of his Radio WV session, broadcasting his traditional sound with modern lyrics to a vast audience.

Residing on 90 acres in Farmville, VA, with his three dogs and pursuing and off the grid life, Oliver Anthony writes songs in his free time, but has the talent to make it what he does full-time.

Anthony’s sound is the perfect rebirth of traditional sound. His vocals are reminiscent of Hank Williams Jr. and Ward Davis with a little more twang, and the tradition of outlaw lyrics is alive and well in his songs.

In his acoustic session of “Rich Men North of Richmond,” he tells the story of a working-class man fed up with corporate America and more specifically, the politicians in Washington DC, and the game that executives expect the character to play.

It sends the message of a giant middle finger to the powers that be from an employee just trying to make it by.

“I’ve been selling my soul
Working all-day
Overtime hours, bullshit pay
So I can sit out here
And waste my life away…”

The conviction he sings each word with is incredible, and this singular video highlights his unbridled talent.

The sound of Anthony completely blew away viewers, taking to the video’s comment section.

“Just want you to know I cried on my way home from the plant listening to this. I haven’t ever heard someone making music really talk about how it truly is out here. Had chills the whole time, I really hope you make it, dude, because you’re what we need right now.”

“It’s very very rare for me to get goosebumps from a song……..but this……..this song. Insanely good. The lyrics, the performance. Stellar. I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of this guy. God willing.”

“A curse and a prayer in a beautifully painful song and he captured how nearly all of us feel. I certainly do. Thanks for sharing your art with us Mr. Anthony. All blessings to you sir.”

“This song ripped right through me. Don’t ever stop preaching, brother! Stay blessed.”

“This man needs our support as much as we need his message and songs.”

Oliver Anthony set out on a mission to make music that resonated with the working class, and I’d say by these comments, he hit the nail on the head with this tune. The feedback is phenomenal for his discovery video, converting thousands of viewers to fans in just three minutes.

I have a feeling we’ll see a lot more of Oliver Anthony.

Check out some of his other songs.

“Ain’t Gotta Dollar”

“Rich Man’s Gold”

“Feelin’ Purdy Good”

Nolan Taylor Drops Studio Version Of Breakout Song “68”

Nolan Taylor is just getting started, y’all.

The Cincinnati, OH based artist has blown up of late, as his tune “68” continues to kill it on streaming platforms everywhere. In the live recording that dropped back in 2021, Taylor’s brutally honest lyrics, his raw, raspy vocals, and his passionate delivery have won over fans everywhere, and as a result, Taylor has gained momentum quickly over the last several months.

As his fan base has grown, the desire and anticipation for music has increased as well. With only six songs in his potent catalog, fans have been desperately awaiting new releases from Taylor, and today, he has delivered.

While it isn’t a brand new song, Taylor dropped an official studio version of his hit “68,” and accompanied it with “68 (Behind the Song),” in which he details the devastating relationship with his mother that inspired the track.

So before listening to the song, hear the backstory here:

And then the song itself:

Man, if this song doesn’t hit you hard every time you hear it, I don’t know what to tell you.

Luckily for us, this is just the first installment in an ongoing project Taylor has started that will feature more new music in the near future, and quite possibly more “Behind the Song” type recordings, too.

It also sounds like we even have a music video to look forward to. Taylor took to Instagram earlier this week to talk about it all:

“The project is gonna get kicked off with “68” this Friday. There will be an in-studio version released to streaming, an audio-story sharing the details on the story behind it, and a music video.

The whole project was done at Ray Kennedy’s studio in Nashville called Room & Board. I’m very excited for you to hear it and see what you think.

Might change things up and let you pick the next song, more on that later. **I did not get in a bar fight, just a little sty on my eye.”

Fresh off of a run of shows supporting 49 Winchester, Taylor’s live performances have only boosted his aura.

And while I haven’t had the chance to catch a show yet to attest, I highly recommend everyone check him out if he comes to a town near you on his first national tour ever.

With the 49 Winchester dates behind him, Taylor still has shows with artists like Charles Wesley Godwin, Elle King, The Cadillac Three, Uncle Lucius, and J.R. Carroll on the horizon, and not to mention a slew of headlining gigs out there as well.

Nolan Taylor has proved he is a force to be reckoned with as a songwriter, vocalist, and all around performer.

But given his small, albeit extremely potent, collection of releases under his name, he is still kind of a mysterious figure in the music scene, and his full capabilities are yet to be discovered. But if there is one thing I am confident about, it’s that Nolan Taylor is just getting started, and the best is yet to come.

If you aren’t familiar with his music, here are some of the other heaters he’s released thus far.

“Double Life”


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