Iowa Family Turns Crop Spraying Drone Into Mega-Viral Summer Lake Toy

Iowa Farm Drone

Well, that is one way to use… a very, very expensive piece of equipment.

A TikTik user out of Iowa shared a video of some high-class redneck summer fun using a drone as a water toy.

The people use the drone to lift off a man and maneuver him over the lake before he drops himself into the water. Think rope swing but a lot more high-tech…

While this is still a wild concept to see, it feels much safer than when people used to slingshot you into a pond from an excavator.

If you don’t know what I am referring to… take a look.

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The drone used for this water sport is not an ordinary drone, though. I can already imagine the little image drones you are picturing.

This appears to be a crop-spraying drone. With much larger propellers, typically, it holds a tank on top (which seems to be removed in the video) to contain the pesticides or other spraying chemicals.

While these bad boys can hold quite some liquid, I am not sure a human meets the weight regulation on this. You can see the force the propellers have from the ripples it leaves on the water while the man hovers over.

Although the ride looks so smooth, I am not sure I’d be willing to risk damaging a piece of equipment that runs about $25-30k.

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I do want to be friends with these folks, though.

Check out this insane waterslide they built beside where the drone took off. That is some summer fun if I’ve ever seen it.

@rcmeyer04Redneck slip n slide♬ original sound – RachelM04

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock