Carrie Underwood To Release “Give Her That,” The Third Single From Deluxe Edition Of Denim & Rhinestones

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Carrie Underwood

Nothing beats New Music Friday here at Whiskey Riff, and it looks like we’re all getting treated to a brand new track from Carrie Underwood’s upcoming deluxe album Denim and Rhinestones tomorrow.

We don’t get to hear much from the snippet that she shared on her socials earlier today, but the name of the song and the small amount of context we do get tell us that Underwood might be dipping back into that “ex-relationship-gone-wrong” well with her new song “Give Her That.”

The deluxe edition of Rhinestone and Cowboys is set to drop on September 22nd, just over a year and three months after the original version of the album was released. When it was initially dropped last year, the album was seen as another testament to Underwood’s unrivaled vocal ability.

Denim and Rhinestones climbed to as high as number two on the Top Country Albums chart, and was even nominated for Favorite Country Album at last year’s American Music Awards.

Fans should expect to see the original 12-tracks that graced the album last year, with hits like “Ghost Story” and “She Don’t Know” bringing the anthemic sound that Underwood has always been known for. In addition, with the deluxe version, we are getting six brand new tracks that should fit into the existing track list like missing puzzle pieces.

Carrie has already shared “Take Me Out” and “Out of That Truck” as singles for the deluxe edition, with “Give Her That” becoming the third to drop prior to the album’s official release in September.

And like the other singles that came before it, “Give Her That” continues the powerful singing and song-writing that has long propelled Underwood to country music stardom. Her revengeful tracks are no longer “taking baseball bats to headlights,” but they might be even more effective now that they are more subtle.

As Underwood has matured as an artist, she’s ditched the “over-the-top” revenge stories with more concealed, psychological jabs. Whatever it is that her past relationships did to wrong her, it doesn’t matter, because now all the defense she needs is that she’s Carrie “effing” Underwood.

The lyrics that we do get from “Give Her That” seem to be rolling out that same idea, singing:

“And that’s a fact

She’s probably perfect

In every way

I’ll give her that”

You can take a look at the sneak peak that Underwood shared below:

Sounds like a hit to me. Now all we have to wait for from the deluxe edition of Denim and Rhinestones is “Damage,” “Drunk and Hungover,” and live recording of “She Don’t Know” from her Denim and Rhinestones Tour.

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